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I Want To Babble Before I Go

A quick one before I get ready for my other gay uncle's party---you see, I have so many of them kind :) and then, I was pondering about the ability of a person to see reality and truths. It's a gift, a very special gift to be able to accept and see both sides of the matter. But then again, it is also a trap. Amen.
Haha! I am just being silly today. I made a pattern, started sewing and made some art that I spent more time on than I had expected to, I was having fun and getting lost in now I really need to get ready. Lots of probing eyes in this party am going to. The other sex: a very unforgiving specie. Either you are well groomed or you are trash, an object of ridicule; no, even though you thought you put yourself together well enough---man, it's never enough. Now that is a truth I have lived with most my life. You just have to deal with and face it. It's fun! Try it!
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